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DROP 10 testimonials

“Erika offered advice and inspiration, held us accountable, gave meal plans... best program I have tried so far, and I have tried A LOT!!!”

“I went into the program to lose weight - I did lose 4 inches -Yesss!! I left the program with less weight and increased knowledge to succeed (in many aspects of life, not just losing weight), looking forward to the future! Thank you, Erika”

“If someone was debating join this program I would tell them that hands-down it was the best choice I ever made. I learned so much about nutrition. I always thought that working out I could eat whatever I wanted. But, with this program I found out that nutrition is honestly the majority of what is needed to live a healthier life"

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monthly program testimonials

“Since joining in October I have lost a total of 47lbs. I feel good, I ENJOY my workouts at the end of my day when my kiddos are sleeping. That is my time to focus solely on me and not have any mom guilt!”

“I'm obviously physically stronger. Prior to this I could not do a pull up or a real push up and I could do both in high school. It feels great to be able to do both again - I'm proud of myself! Mentally I have much more self confidence and know how worthy I am. I am blessed to have my amazing family and I want to be here for ALL of it - graduations, weddings, grand-babies, exploring the world - and it all starts with being healthy now.”

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Nutrition testimonials

“Unlike other programs, I’ve never had anything before include a meal plan so to me that is a wonderful add in for the monthly cost, which is so reasonable! I have my own print out “cook book” of the recipes and meal plan that I flip through to see what I want to have on hand to make and eat. It’s awesome!”

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FACEBOOK community testimonials

“I may not always post that I workout but when others do it motivates me to get my workout or a run in. I think "Man! She's on top of this and I want to be too!" Also being a mom of toddlers there are MANY times where I have to push pause and break up a fight or wipe a butt and this program allows me to be home with my family, be a mom and still have fitness in my life.”

“Through the course of this program, I see familiar names and faces popping up and it becomes part of the accountability I need to keep me going and keep on with the goal I have set for myself. My favorite saying is “You’ll regret not doing a workout but you’ll never regret doing a workout” It is so true! I see people getting up early and getting the work out done and it motivates me to get my workout done too!”

“I have never listened to a podcast before joining this program... Enhancing my Personal development was huge for me! Mindful practices were introduced and it forever changed me for the better!”