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inspiration OF THE WEEK:

Morgan Gotto

This week’s INSPIRATION OF THE WEEK is Megan Bonert For those of you that know Megan, you know that she is a hard-working momma!! She works full-time as the Accounting & Tax Manager at Dubuque County and she has THREE kiddos!! I have absolutely no idea how Megan finds the energy to workout every night when she gets home from her CPA job, but she does and she's been sticking with it for a while now!! For all of you busy moms that cannot seem to find the time or the energy to workout, Megan is living proof that you just have to make it a priority!! Check out Megan’s story below…


words from Megan

Why do you work out & what is your favorite aspect of working out?

My #1 reason for working out is to be a positive role model for my family.  I enjoy showing my children all the positives that come from working out like strength, mental clarity, stress relief, etc.  Waiting to work out with my family at night and see them doing everything I do makes me so proud.  I hope the habits we instill in them at a young age will carry on throughout their entire lives.

Who are your inspirations/motivators?

My motivators are my family, friends, the sisterhood and definitely, my accountability buddy.  It is amazing to see everyone motivating each other in such an encouraging way.  It makes it easier to work out when you see everyone else fulfilling their commitment to themselves.

What would you tell someone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle but is struggling with getting started or sticking with it? How would you inspire them to start & stick with it?

My only advice is to start with small changes.  I feel like when I try to accomplish too many things at once it is easy to get overwhelmed and quit all together.  For example, start with working out 3 times a week instead of 7…..  Cut out soda from your diet instead of all sugar……  Every day is a new day.  Just because bad choices were made the day before doesn’t mean today can’t be great!!!!!.

What is your life motto?

My life motto is “Enjoy the little things.”  We never know what tomorrow will bring so cherish every moment you have.

share with us about your family, your job, and what you enjoy doing when you're not working out or at work.

I live in Epworth, IA with my husband, Jacob and our 3 children, Ethan – 8, Noah – 6, and Stella – 4.  I am a CPA and work at Dubuque County as the Accounting and Tax Manager.  My hobbies are spending time with family and friends, golfing, reading and anything relaxing.