S.I.S. Summer Series

S.I.S. Summer Series


By committing to 3 months for $75 you are saving 20%!! You’ll receive a daily workout video to your inbox, access to a motivational Facebook group of other women in the program, and weekly meal plans.

What you'll receive by signing up for the 3-month membership...

>>Daily workout videos sent directly to your inbox (you can do these workouts in the comfort of your own home, anytime that works for you)

>>Weekly meal plans & healthy recipes

>>Access to a private Facebook group


>>You must have an active membership during July, August, September to be eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE.

>>You must have an "accountability buddy" aka your SIS. Each group MUST have one veteran + one newbie. A veteran can recruit a newbie (aka your little SIS)….or a newbie can reach out to a veteran who’s already part of the sisterhood (aka a big SIS).

>>Once you have an "accountability buddy," please email me who your SIS is. Remember...BOTH OF YOU have to have an active membership during July, August, and September.
This is NOT a weight-loss challenge. If you lose weight, AWESOME...but this isn't a weight loss challenge, it's an accountability challenge.

>>You and your SIS will inspire each other weekly to complete 4 workouts per week. You can either post to our FB group page or send them a text or FB message each time you complete a workout. For instance, you can post to our FB page "SIS @Ashley Smith just completed workout #3/4 for this week! We got this girl!!" 

>>As long as both of you have an ACTIVE membership July 1st through September 30th, you will be eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE. 

>>The GRAND PRIZE is…$500 cash for flights (to be split between you + your SIS)!  
All CURRENT members (those that are in the Drop10, those that purchased a year membership, those that already have a 3-month membership, etc.) are already eligible for this...you just have to make sure your membership remains up-to-date through September 30th and recruit someone to do this with you.

Winners will be drawn at the end of September!!

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