Drop10 Program

Drop10 Program


The Sweat Inspire Sisterhood Drop10 Program is 5-week-long course that teaches you nutrition and fitness habits to set you up for health and wellness long after the course ends. This option requires dedication and hard work from participants with the ability to see dramatic progress in a short time period. Spots are limited to 20 participants. As soon as the 20 spots are filled, you will be put on a waitlist for the next Drop10 Program.

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Our program is limited to 20 participants so that more individual attention can be given to each sister who enrolls. When you sign up, you’ll receive in-depth nutrition tips & advice, complete daily food logs and feedback from Coach, submit weekly measurement check-ins and progress photos, and have access to a private Facebook group with exclusive live trainings and other inspirational women looking to improve their health and fitness. Accountability prizes are awarded, and the winner receives a gift card for things such as new workout clothes, new workout shoes, or healthy food.


  • Daily workouts direct to your inbox in 30 and 60-minute options

  • Daily calorie and nutrition tracking and feedback

  • Weekly grocery shopping lists

  • Weekly meal plans

  • Weekly recipes

  • Weekly progress reporting

  • Access to a private Facebook group of 20 women providing support and guidance

  • Personalized feedback from Coach Erika

  • Improved physical fitness

  • Enhanced confidence and belief that you can achieve your goals!