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I’m so excited to have you a part of the Sweat Inspire Sisterhood tribe! It’s my belief that reaching your physical fitness goals comes down to three things...

First and foremost is SWEAT. Exercise gives you good vibes and makes you feel accomplished. When you start or end your day with that “post-exercise high,” you’ll crave it more and more. Think back to those elementary school days when you played during recess. You got to run & chase your friends around, and you didn’t think of sweating as another thing on your to-do list. My goal is to bring you back to those days when sweating was FUN! That’s why I keep the workouts fresh & new and bring motivation & a little humor into the workouts.

Next up is INSPIRE. You have me (your coach) and your sisters to inspire you every day to workout and to eat better. Inspiration is what will get you started and what will keep you going! It’s the thing that will make you jump out of bed in the morning to complete your workout, and it’s the thing that will help you overcome mental & physical hurdles when you want to throw in the towel. Every single day, you’ll be inspired by this sisterhood of gals cheering you on!

And finally, SISTERHOOD — This is the reason behind the brand and the mission. Everything is about our sisters...sweating together, motivating one another, and creating fitness friendships that last a lifetime. It’s about making connections with new friends that are going through some of the same things you may be going through. It’s not just about fitness, it’s also about life... celebrations like new jobs, weddings, and babies, and setbacks like divorce, miscarriages, death of loved ones. No matter what it is, your sisters here have your back. This is not just a place where you work out…it’s a place where you gain sisters for life.

When I started this company in 2014 under the name Amerikan Made, I knew that my purpose and passion in life was to help people live healthier & happier. But it didn’t take long for me to realize it was so much more than that. It was about helping women connect & form bonds with other women who were going through similar experiences. In March of 2018, I knew that I needed to re-brand and re-focus...that’s when Sweat Inspire Sisterhood was born! It has been so incredible to watch this amazing sisterhood grow into what it is today and I wanted to give it a fresh look and feel to match the ladies who make this tribe what it truly is! From the name to the heart in the logo, it all depicts the friendship, compassion, and welcoming hearts that define our sisterhood.

XOXO, Coach Erika


a little about Coach Erika

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Certified Run Coach, and an RYT Certified Yoga Instructor.

My journey began after my dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. I was pursuing Nursing in college until I received a call from my dad telling me about the news he received from his doctor. The very next day after that phone call, I went to the admissions office and switched my major from Nursing to Health Promotion. Getting & keeping people healthy, before illnesses arises, are where my purpose is. Inspiring people to move more & eat healthy has been my mission ever since. I wanted to turn my passion for fitness into a business so I decided to try out entrepreneurship. My intention when I first started the company was to post workout videos to stay connected with people from my hometown of Farley, Iowa, but it branched out to people from all across the country signing up for my online workout programs. I offer daily workout videos that can be done in the comfort of people’s own home as well as meal plans filled with healthy, yummy recipes.

A few years after starting the business, I went through some tough times in my life and it was the support from other women that got me through. I knew that there were other gals out there that needed the same support, which is when the SISTERHOOD was established. During that rough time in my life, I found my true passion...helping, supporting, and inspiring other women. The name of the business was previously Amerikan Made, but I decided to re-brand & re-name the business. When I decided to re-name the company, I chose the name Sweat Inspire Sisterhood to represent what the company & the brand is truly about...inspiring gals to sweat & form connections with one another. Sweat Inspire Sisterhood is a health & fitness community that empowers women around the world to get their daily sweat on, to be inspired to live their best life, and it’s a place where they belong & can form connections with other sweat sisters! I’m so excited to have you as a new SWEAT SISTER!!